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PP/HDPE Yarn Extrusion Lines

pp/hdpe yarn extrusion lines

  • Model No: CSY100-128HS
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Plastic extruding flat film stretching line (high speed):

Based on absorbing ab road advanced technology, this series of plastics flatfilm draw set is designed by ourselevs in accirdance with the domestic practical conditions of plastics weaving industry.

The specially designed screw cylinder of extruder is made from high quality steels. It features large in output, low in consume of energy and long life.

The draw part is used the method of sectional installation and integral drive. Therefor it features resonable in driving and convenient in adjustment, it is convenient for customers to expend its application scope of products in the future. The design of split yarn cutter makes the nod of cutter elements become possibility, thus the operation life can be increased.
And the cutter elements also can be lateral movement, so that it can fullyutilize the effective wideth of film and reduce the was of marg in materials.

The speed of motor is controlled bt the method of sync horonization speed regulation with three in one. According to the cutomes's requirements, it alos can be controlled by the methods of electromagnetic speed regulation.

This series of sets are equipped with the anxiliary machines, such as automatic feeder, recovery package for margin yarn, absorbing dewiness device, collecting abolish silk system.

The complete sets is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, steady in operation, fast in speed, large in output, low in consume of energy and good in quality of shaped yarn cylinder. It is suitable for processing of flat yarn of PP and LPPE. etc.

Specification :

Extruder: 1. Screw diameter: Ø100mm. 2. Screw rotation: 20-100 rpm. 3. L/D ratio: 32/1. 4. Driving motor: 100 HP. 5. Control system: synchronal control with inverter. 6. Auto thermo-control: 8 zones. 7. Heating capacity: 46 kW. 8. Cooling blower system: 1/8 HP x 4 PCs. 9. Extrusion output (1000 denier): 220 kg/hr. 10. Vacuum auto-loader: (1) Conveying cap.: 350 kg/hr. (2) Height: 5M (3) Motor: 1HP. 11. Hopper dryer: (1) Cap.: 50 kg. (2) Heating power: 3.9 kW. (3) Blowing power: 200 W. (4) Including 7 pieces magnetic bar. 12. Filter style: auto screen change system. T-die: 1. Die width: 800 mm. 2. film width: 700 mm. 3. Die gap: 0.8-1.0 mm. 4. Auto thermo-control: 3 zones. 5. Heating capacity: 12 kW. Quench unit: 1. Suction blower: 3 HP. 2. Driving motor+reducer: 2 HP. 3. Control system: synchronal control with inverter. 4. Cooling blower system: 25 ton. Water chiller: 1. Model: KT-750. 2. Compressor horsepower: 7.5 HP. 3. Refrigerating energy: 23362 Kcal/H. 4. Refrigerating cap.: 92700 BTU/H. 5. Water pump: 2 HP. Slitting unit: 1. Slitting knife: 5-way razor blades. 2. Number of slitting unit: 6 mm thickness x 1 set + 7 mm thickness x 1 set. 3. Moving of slitting: 25 mm removable (L<->R). Take-up unit: 1. Quanity of roller: 5 PCs. 2. Driving motor: 3 HP. 3. Control system: Synahronal control with inverter. 4. Line speed: 10-55 M/min. 5. Waste yarm collector: 3 HP. Reclaiming system: 1. Crusher Motor: 1 HP. 2. Conveying blower: 2 HP. 3. Chips driving motor: 1/2 HP.

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