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C.S New Generation CS-675 Six Shuttle Circular Loom is a Real High Productivity Machine.


6 Shuttle Circular Looms

6 shuttle circular looms

  • Model No: CS-675U
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

CS 6 shuttle series is specially designed for fast production, power saving and cost down purpose, along with the high percision weft and warp yarn breakage sensor,PLC control system, the limited wastage percentage was well controlled. CS-675U is one of the 6 shuttle sub series that continuing contribute its ability to many general bag manufacturer under bag size 75 cm, durability of CS-675U is also testified by high calcium carbonate contained yarn for many years like all other CS series.

Specification :

Technical data: 1. Number of shuttles: 6. 2. Weft insertion: 900 ppm. 3. Weaving range: 45-75 cm double fold. 4. Yarn type: standard PP or HDPE flat yarn. 5. Bobbin tube: inside diameter 23 - 38 mm, length 215 - 230 mm, traverse within 8". 6. Warp creel: standard 720 bobbins, options available. 7. Weft density: 8-14 pcs/inch. 8. Winding roll diameter: max. 1200mm. 9. Layout space: 9.00 L) x 2.37 (W) x 2.70 (H) meters. Standard equipment: 1. Two creels. 2. Warp break detecting system. 3. Weft break detecting system. 4. Six manual control units. 5. Cloth haul-off. 6. Automatic weft cramming device. 7. two weaving ring-specified by the customer. 8. Memory stop for weft change. 9. Surface winder. 10. Bobbine storage above the intake. 11. Oil lubricate detective system. 12. PLC controlled oil lubricate aganist time. 13. Central drive system with frequency controlled motor. 14. Contrast/reflector sensor for weft tape end. 15. Enlarged surface winder. 16. Mesh density adjustable control system. Optional equipment: 1. Warp tension control system. 2. 2nd surface winder. 3. Unfolding device. 4. Gussetting device. 5. Thermo slitting device.

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