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Resin Formulated Collation Shrink Packagings

resin formulated collation shrink packaging

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Detail Information

Description :

With as much as 70% of products in stores being bought on impulse, packaging is playing an increasingly important role in retail marketing strategies.
Nexxstar resin formulated collation shrink packaging can be applied to a broad range of retail marketing, sales promotion and transportation bundling and multipack applications:
1. Beverages, bottled waters and foods.
2. Hand soaps and detergents.
3. Health and beauty aids.
4. Newspaper and magazine bundle.

Specification :

1. High package integrity — sealing consistency, high holding force, excellent tear resistance and puncture resistance for load stability from packaging to the store to the consumer’s home. 2. Fewer damaged and returned goods. 3. Excellent cost/performance balance — downgauging potential of 1 0-20im. For example: (1) 6 can multipacks at 4Opm and thinner, allow cost savings of 10-25% with no loss of integrity. (2) 24 can bundles on a tray at 40-50jim provides cost savings of 10-25% with no loss of integrit. 4. Range of film thicknesses allowing packaging of a variety of product types and quantities from 30-6Opm, for 6 packs to 24 packs and larger. 5. Reliable packaging at state-of-the-art line speeds. 6. Optimized coefficient of friction to enhance packaging efficiency. 7. Potential for paperboard reduction or elimination.

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