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Stretch Hood Films (FSF)

stretch hood films

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Flexible stretch film (FSF) is used to secure the goods on the pallet for transportation and storage. It could help to prevent from damage and reduce the loss. FSF is produced by film tube with a angle folder, which could be extended to 150%.

Specification :

1. Rain and dust protection: (1) Goods on the pallet could be placed outdoor under raining and sunshine. (2) FSF could effectively protect the goods on th pallet from dust and moisture. 2. Highly vertical and horizontal enduring tension: (1) Longest and greatest packing stability. (2) Greatest protective effect during transportation. 3. No need to heat up and no burning procedure: (1) Eliminate fire risk. (2) Reduce expenses. (3) FSF will not melt and joint with packing material. 4. Single FSF size could be used in pallets or goods with different size: (1) High elasticity and few change. (2) Material expenses saving. 5. FSF is suitable for industry and commerce: Chemical, patrifaction, electronic, cement, fermentation,agriculture, architecture, food, fertilizer, spin & weave. 6. FSF using instruction: (1) FSF could be pulled and extended through equipment or from the wrinkle folder area. (2) After pulling the FSF, visually decide the height of goods,extend the FSF andthen make bags. (3) To decide the extension of the FSF, it is according to size of goods, FSF flexibility, and film }folder size. (4) Extended to the bottom (pull from two axles). (5) After action (d), completed.

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