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Stretch Hood Packaging Films

stretch hood packaging films

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Detail Information

Description :

If exceptional pallet load stability, outstanding toughness, cost benefits and optimum brand visibility are critical, then NexxstarTM resin formulations for stretch hood packaging films are your load protection solution.

Created by ExxonMobil Chemical, Nexxstar resin formulations form the basis of innovative coextrusion films. Coupled with state-of-the-art stretch hood equipment, it offers considerable value-added benefits for the beverage, food and bottled goods industries. Whether currently using cans, jars, bottles or carton bricks, the outstanding properties of Nexxstar resin formulated films can offer significantly lower costs and outstanding performance.

A Nexxstar formulated film is so transparent it offers customers a clear view of the palletized goods. It can be used to cover a wide range of beverage and food load types and pallet sizes. The covered pallet has such a visually smooth and transparent finish, pallets may be placed directly into the shop to store or display.

Specification :

Outperforming conventional shrink and stretch films, the stretch hood equipment coupled with Nexxstar resin formulated films can provide benefits which include: 1. Superb clarity for optimum brand visibility, quality control and retail display. 2. 20-40% cost reduction when compared to other conventional stretch/shrink hood films. 3. Outstanding toughness and load stability from factory to shop floor Excellent tear and puncture resistance. 4. Higher holding force even at elevated temperatures. 5. Visually smooth and rain, dirt and dust-proof packing (optional five- or four-side). 6. Flexible (automatic) adaptation to load height, width and depth. The stretch hood packaging system is a fully automated, flexible and efficient industrial pallet packaging technique. It represents a major advance in performance compared to traditional industrial packaging systems.

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