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Over 20 years, OH Precision Corporation has rich experienced of providing ultra-high pressure waterjet components, intensifier pumps, waterjet pumps, Flow spare parts, cleaning guns, direct drive pumps, UHP waterjet parts, triplex plunger pumps… for cutting and surface preparation application. It has been providing OEM parts and replacement parts for leading brands such as FLOW, KMT/IR, and OMAX. It prides itself on great workmanship in meeting, and often exceeding, OEM standards. Ever since OMAX built their own direct drive pumps, OH Precision has been OMAX’s main supplier of high-pressure components, including key components for their direct drive pumps. While OMAX is known to have the best 55K direct drive pumps in the waterjet cutting industry and is the fastest growing company in the cutting applications, OH Precision’s reputation as a leading manufacturer in high pressure equipment has also been established in the market place. Overall 20 years of OEM experience of UHP waterjet components with broad parts coverage. With pump design expertise in-house for designing and customizing UHP pumps for cutting and water blasting applications. Use a special lapping process for processing ceramic plungers to achieve best surface finish, which reduces wear of seal components and extends seal life.

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OH Precision Corporation