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Professional Equipment for PU Injections

professional equipment

  • Model No: MI8000III
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. It is the professional equipment which is applied in the structure perfusion, equipped with power tools.
2. Speedy construction : can be advanced to 3500psi in few seconds, and the working time will be shorter than other machine.
3. To solve out the inconvenience of the carrier, it is very light and best choice of worker.
4. Main body of weight 5Kgs easy to carry.
5. *Easy for repair and maintenance.
6. Simple repair system and reliable product to reduce costly.
7. Application:
(1) For the crack, flexing crack, construction crack, and instruction crack of building and concrete project.
(2) Leak stopping for the breast wall of artesian well in geologic drilling project.
(3) Grouting of reservoir and dam for the water conservancy project, leak stopping of the water transporting tunnel, seepage control of the concrete crack of the embankment.
(4) Leak stopping for underground, tunnel, culvert, sewage disposing pool, concrete fissure.
(5) Leak stopping for basement, underground garage, and underground channels.
(6) Leak stopping for floor, wall pipe, and wall corner.
(7) Cracking of building, girder, pole, board etc structure, inject epoxy resin with high-handed.

Specification :

1. Flow output: 1.01/min.

2. Maximum pressure: 0~6000 psi.

3. Maximum hose length: 5M.

4. Offer copco drill electronic: 500 watt.

5. Circuit required: 110V or 220V.

6. Weight: 5Kgs.

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