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Hydraulic B.O.M Tire Curing Presses

hydraulic b.o.m tire curing press

  • Model No: HCP-24, HCP-28, HCP-30
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. There are four cavities, curing type also could be selected in one or two or three or four cavities,
the operation of curing press is more flexible.
2. Water cylinder with stainless steel material of bladder center mechanism. It is enduring corrosion and has long life..
3. Excellent heat conduction of platen , the temperature is evenly, no water accumulated,
4. Purchasing high quality gauges and valves. All products made in America or Japan which have long life and well driving efficiently.
5. Hydraulic control unit by logic circuit controlled. it has large flow, fast speed of opening & closing mold, lower noise, easy maintenance.
6. The hydraulic power unit could supply 5sets of hydraulic curing press.
7. Electrical control system: auto cuing process with P.L.C control system, it can display curing steps, curing time, inner & outer pressure temperature and so on.
8. Device secondary shaping , it improves shaping evenly of green tyre, reducing defective rate, increasing tyre quality.
9. All specification could be changed as customer's requirement.

Specification :

1. Model: HCP-24. (1) Tire size: I/D ; ATV. (2) Quantity of curing: 4 PCS. (3) MAX clamp force: 53 TONS. (4) Platen DIA: 600 M/M. (5) Mold thickness: 100 M/M ~ 300 M/M.

2. Model: HCP-28. (1) Tire size:I/D ; ATV ; M/C. (2) Quantity of curing: 4 PCS. (3) MAX clamp force: 80 TONS. (4) PLATEN DIA: 710 M/M. (5) Mold thickness: 150 M/M ~ 350 M/M.

3. Model: HCP-30. (1) Tire size: I/D ; ATV ; M/C. (2) Quantity of curing: 4 PCS. (3) MAX clamp force: 103 TONS. (4) Platen DIA: 760 M/M. (5) Mold thickness: 150 M/M ~ 350 M/M.

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