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Polyimide (Vespel)


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Detail Information

Description :

Vespel (polyimide) is a high performance material with many excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Vespel have the following characteristics:
1. Resistant to very-high temperature:
The maximum continuous use temperature is 288 °C. In a short period of time, Vespel can endure the temperature of 480 °C. It can also function at very low temperatures to 1K.
2. Abrasion Resistance:
Without lubrication, the PV value is 10 times more than the most engineering plastics. It is also resistant to abrasion.
3. Deformation property:
The material does not soften at high temperature while supporting high loads. At 260 ° C, 180 kg / c㎡, there is only 0.6% creep within 1000 hours.
4. Electrical insulation:
Insulation endurance 22 kv / mm. Resistant to plasma and radiation.

Specification :

Rods, plaques / sheets and tubes. Inquiry of detail specification, please call us or e-mail to

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