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Remote Controls

remote control

  • Model No: TC-200A
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Set up instructions:
1. Hand set symbol functions: when the Lock button has been activated to isolate the Up-Down buttons, press this button to unlock.
2. Press this button to isolate the Up-Down button. (When the shutter is open or closed press this button to isolate the up-down buttons).
3. Note: in the event of a power failure, this system has memory functions, the Lock button remains in the state before power failed when power is restored.
4. Hand set copy:
Each TC-200A remote control unit is supplied with two master handsets whose pin code is factory set using a rolling code. To copy the code to additional handsets (max 120) proceed as follows, or proceed and copy as per the C.(b) method bellow:
(1) Press simultaneously the Stop-unlock, down, and Lock buttons on either of the Master Handsets within receiving distance.
(2) Press any key on the additional handsets within 8 seconds.
(3) Re-press any key on additional handsets (handset code is set).

Specification :

Code change: 1. Erase original code: (1) Press the learn switch (reference connection scheme). Red LED flash. (2) Press the learn switch continuously for 3 seconds. (All handset codes are now erased). 2. Re-programming handsets: (1) Press the learn switch. Red LED flash. (2) Press any button on handset. (Max 120 No. handsets). (3) Re-press learn switch (handset code is set). 3. Reverse jumper (reference connection scheme): when the motor runs in the opposite direction from the hand ser. Unplug this jumper. The motor direction will be the same as hand set. 4. Lock jumper (reference connection scheme): unplug this jumper, the lock function is ineffective. 5. Cortesy light board (option): plug cortesy light board in CN1 (reference connection scheme). The cortesy light illuminates when the door is running. And it goes out automatically 2 mins after the door stop.

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