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DCLG Dry Filters

dclg dry filter

  • Model No: DCLG
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Model DCLG dry filter is used on the liquid piping of refrigeration and air conditioning unit to dry refrigerant (absorb water from system) and filter the solid from system in order to protect the refrigeration and air conditioning system for an efficient and safety operation.
2. Model DCLG dry filter is composed of 100% molecular sieve and 80-mesh filter.
3. Both type SHF-5 and type SHF-9 molecular sieves are available for Model DCL dry filter. Type SHF-5 molecular sieve is used for HCFC refrigerants and mineral oil system while type SHF-9 molecular sieve is used for HFC refrigerant and polyester oil (POE) system.

Specification :

1. 100% 3A molecular sieve with powerful drying capacity. 2. 80-mesh filter to keep an efficient filtration under minimum pressure drop. 3. Corrosion resistant powder coating finish is applicable to various environments. 4. Threaded connection is normal design and customer design is available. 5. Could be mounted in any desirable direction.

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