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Earth-Chain will attend TIMTOS 2021 Taiwan to display our high-quality permanent magnetic chuck, magnetic milling chuck and etc.

Exclusive report: TIMTOS 2021 exhibition highlights
ECE will exhibit the application of magnetic clamps connected with the large-scale robotic arms of world-class robotic arm brand, "FANUC". This automated production process will be applicable to all machine tool industries, especially the automotive industry. ECE will also show "Battery Type Electro-Permanent Lifting Magnet", which combines the concepts of the Lifting Magnet and the Electro-Permanent magnetic chuck. Once the workpieces are magnetized, there’s no need for power supply anymore. Even in the accident of power failure, the lifting magnet can still firmly clamp the workpiece. This innovative technology won the SBIR Innovation and Development Project Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

ECE will also show a new type of magnetic chuck for surface grinders. “This new type of magnetic chuck does not generate heat and can be used without electric power after the workpieces were clamped,” Jason Chen said. “It can be used in the high-precision processing of the surface grinders and effectively solve the problem of thermal deformation which might lower accuracy. This is not only an exclusive technology from Taiwan, but it also won the CITD product development award from the Industrial Bureau. The development project has not yet been announced to the market, but only exclusively revealed in this TIMTOS exhibitor interview for our readers. It will be officially unveiled at the exhibition, which is quite exciting,” he added.

ECE has participated in the TIMTOS exhibition many times. Therefore, the company is ready to support customers who are affected by the epidemic this year. The exhibition will from March 15 to March 20, we look forward to seeing you soon. “However, the epidemic in Taiwan is really well controlled and the city has even not been closed," Jason Chen said. "Although the market situation next year remains unclear, we should grasp our innovation momentum and take the opportunities to promote technological reforms and upgrades. If we don’t do it when there’s the epidemic, it’ll be too late when the epidemic gets over,” he further said. ECE will now build the first intelligent demonstration factory of smart magnetic machinery in Taiwan, allowing the international market to see Taiwan’s progress. Learn more details about TIMTOS 2021, welcome to contact us!

【Product perspective】
Features of EEPM-CIR Series Electropermanent Magnetic Round Chuck:
1.Suitable in use for combine with CNC 5 Axis Index Device, CNC 5 Axis Machining Center, Vertical & Horizontal Lathe…etc.
2.Round type and radiate magnetic poles, suitable for clamping round type and any form of workpiece machining.
3.There are 8 levels (1~8) for magnetism of EEPM-CIR Series that you may adjust the magnetism to make more elastically, convenient and control.
4.Un-obstructed movement of cutters during machining, the really functions of 5 side machining on workholding.
5.Mould designs Induction Block are interchanging & consuming accessories, that can be machining surface or forming induction blocks for the workpiece required by the machine directly, so the parallelism of induction block will always 100% match to the machine.

【Quality controls and environmental protection】
1.Our company is according to international standard, regulation, customer's requirement to constructs the quality system procedure for meeting market demand and goals. And the defective rate is under 0.2%.
2.Use the super power magnet to replace traditional iron oxide rust, not merely make the magnetic force heighten, and save more than 30% in the materials of other competitive.
3.The material selects is accord with the commitment to environmental protection.

【Marketing perspective】
Marketing benefits of Innovation:
1.We have 30 internal distributors, 8 external sole agents, and the countries of sales reached around 48 countries including China, USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy and etc.
2.The image of brand: ECE symbolizes Earth-Chain Enterprise Enhances Customers’ Efficiency by providing innovative products, world-class quality and global services all over the world. Owing to excellent performance and global market tendency and we expect the turnover will reach 200 million NT in 2010.

CHINAPLAS 2019, a technology-oriented and innovation-driven trade fair, features a number of concurrent events covering the circular economy, Industry 4.0, industrial design, medical plastics, and much more. With richer content, more diversified forms, and more practical solutions than ever, CHINAPLAS offers ways for upstream and downstream sectors of the supply chain to collaborate and create new opportunities for growth. We aim to empower the development of the plastics and rubber industries.

EARTH-CHAIN will attend and exhibit our Hot-Sale Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chucks. Welcome to visit our booth: 10.1P21 @CHINAPLAS 2019.

Date: May 21 - 24, 2019
Location: China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China

Manufacturing Indonesia is Indonesia’s largest international manufacturing exhibition providing a professional business platform for Indonesia’s manufacturing industry.

Earth-Chain is a world-class manufacturer of magnetic tools. With ISO 9001 and CE Certification as well as over 30 patents, Earth-Chain's private label 'E.C.E' is sold worldwide across five continents. We invite you to visit our booth at Manufacturing & Machine Tool Indonesia trade show during DEC. 05- DEC. 08.

◎ SHOW DATES: 5-7 Dec (Wed-Fri): 10 am – 6 pm
8 Dec (Sat): 10 am – 5 pm
◎ Venue: The Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran
◎ BOOTH No.: No. A-1318

METALEX 2018 - ASEAN's largest international machine tool and metalworking technology trade exhibition and conference
Every years, over 2,700 providers of metalworking technologies and machine tools from 50 countries seize the guaranteed business opportunities the show offers by using this largest event of its kind in ASEAN as the launch pad for their 4,000 innovations.

Earth-Chain Enterprise Co., LTD. manufactures magnetic tools for industrial applications. We invite you to visit our booth at THAI METALEX trade show during NOV. 21- NOV. 24.

  • Date: November 21-24 (WED-SAT,) 2018
  • Venue: BITEC, Bangkok
  • Booth: Hall 99, AQ29 (FEMCO)

Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS) is the largest machine tool exhibition this year in Taiwan, which will present a complete and diversified industrial supply chain with intelligent functions such as temperature rise compensation, anti-collision, and process optimization for single machines, and the automated manufacturing cells and production line built by the "integrated machine tool and automation facilities" equipped with robotic arms.

◎ SHOW DATES: 7 - 11 November, 2018 (Wednesday ‐ Sunday)
◎ TIME: 09:00 a.m. ‐ 05:00 p.m
◎ BOOTH No.: 3B215
(Near by Sec. 2, Gaotie Rd. and Gaotie 3rd Rd.)
◎ MAIN PRODUCTS: MagVise Magnetic Workholding, Permanent Magnetic Chuck, END Mills and so on.

We will display EEPM-A Series Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck.
1.Suitable for CNC Vertical machining center (Can do 5 sides machining)
2. Suitable for thin, small and medium workpiece on light duty machining.
3. Suitable for thin, small and medium workpiece of the drilling and finishing machining.
4. Minimum size of workpiece required as 4 alternate magnetic square poles and above contacts is necessary for
optimum clamping
5. More functions for cooperate with Induction Block and Spring Block.

Features of ECB Series Permanent Magnetic Clamping Blocks:
a. High loading capacity: Made of innovative rare earth NdFeB magnet, the magnet is around 30 times the power of the general ferrite magnets. It's powerful and reliable.
b. High safety: No electricity requires thus safe in case of power failure.
c. High flexibility: With two optional changeable induction blocks, add flexibility to handle any workholding application with no deformation.
d. High efficiency and modularized design: Suitable for milling machine and vertical & horizontal CNC machine centers. 5 sides machining, increases efficiency and reduces machining costs. With modularized design, can combine blocks for custom workholding. Four models to satisfy customers’ various applications.

Marketing benefits of Innovation:
a. Image of brand: ECE symbolizes Enhance Customer's Efficiency. It looks like a giant eagle spreads wings to surround the Earth, and insists Earth-Chain’s business objectives "Quality", "Innovation", and "Responsibility" for global marketing.
b. Due to the successful R&D of ECB, the ECB sales-volume reached 14.5 million NT in 2007, the gross profit margin increased to 20%, and the market share increased to 5%, it's the main strength to enter foreign markets.
c. We have 30 internal distributors, 8 foreign sole agents, and the sales reached around 48 countries throughout the world due to the outstanding ECB Series. We expect the general turnover will reach 200 million NT in 2008 with over 33% growth.

03/22~03/26 : CTMS 2018 (Tainan)
04/03~04/07 : SIMTOS 2018(Seoul)
04/25~04/28 : MYMEX Malaysia 2018
08/15~08/19 : TAIPEI PLAS 2018 (Taipei)
09/10 09/15 : IMTS 2018
10/02~10/07 : MAKTEK EURASIA 2018
11/07~11/11 : TMTS 2018 (Taichung)

We invite you to visit our booth.

EEPM-C SERIES MagVise Magnetic Workholding (for Vertical Lathe):
EEPM-C units are connectable to extend the magnetic area for customers’ varied workpiece dimensions.Can do 5 sides machining and un-obstructed movement of cutters during machining.
EEPM-C has a strong shape introduce ECE’s firm, stable and safety concept that we want to provide to our customers. Mixed with red and yellow on the frame and surface to show our main spirit of profession and passion.
EEPM-C equipped with permanent magnet –Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets, exchange the “Plus” & “Minus”poles condition by sudden electric current. Sufficient for heavy duty cutting. Small size, light weight, high application flexibility. Magnetic force is about 2400~3600kgf / each pole.
EEPM-C provides a more economic solution to hold varied size workpiece. Flexible units could be connectable to extend the magnetic area for customers’ varied workpiece dimensions. Easy and convenient to clamp a workpiece, shortens clamping time.

Marketing perspective:
1.Distributor:Our sales reached U.S.A., Germany, France, Japan and developing countries Brazil, China, India, South Africa and Russia that with professional agents and distributors in worldwide.
2.Custom Service:
(1) The customers can contact us by service line to get immediate reply within one day.
(2) EEPM-C durability lasts10 years, ECE provides good recycle service after durability period to keep green environment.
3.Brand manage:
Earth-Chain upholds the business philosophy of ‘Innovation, Honesty, and Responsibility’. It actively engages in R&D of products to meet customers’ needs.
EEPM-C connection type chucks increased 6~8% profit rate grow up after available for Earth-Chain. Compare to the traditional holding system, EEPM-C shared about 65% market sharing. We expect EEPM-C can grab 90% market sharing and will replace traditional holding system and become the first choice of holding system tools.

04/08-04/12 Automatic Machinery Exhibition (CTMS 2016)
04/08-04/12 China CNC Machine Tool Show (CCMT 2016)
05/05-05/08 Taipei Manufacturing Technology Show (Mtduo 2016)
08/12-08/16 Making Plastics Make the World (PLAS 2016)
09/13-09/17 International Exhibition for Metal Working (AMB 2016)
11/17-11/22 Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF 2016)
11/23-11/27 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS2016)

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