Daina Electronics Co., Ltd.

DAINA is the Best Choice of LED Manufacturer in Taiwan.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
DAINA led manufacturer was founded in 1989. In Taiwan's LED packaging industry, we are the professional supplier of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and related products. We also have large market shares. DAINA has established a network of global sales offices and distributors to provide technical assistance; sales support, and express shipping. We also passed the standard certificate of ISO9001:2000. We refine the quality system; constantly upgrade services and product quality. So all parts must be Lead-Free and RoHS compliant. By harnessing its strength in manufacturing, DAINA is ready to meet the demands of a larger and rapidly growing global optoelectronics market. The measure of DAINA's success is the strong growth in sales revenue and the global expansion in sales coverage over the past 20 years, as DAINA's super products and attentive customer service continue to attract customers worldwide. DAINA will keep working to provide the best innovations and services in LED fields.

We always focus our emphasis on customers' demand and prompt response. We firmly believe that customers' satisfaction is our driving force for excellence.
DAINA, Your Partner for Success.

* To realize the real needs of the customers, our salespeople always accompany with our customers and cooperate with them.

* To meet the challenges of global warming and environmental protection by research and development of energy-saving products, thereby serving the needs of society.

Visualized information, high efficiency colorful light sources and low power consumption with long lifetime illumination for environmental saving are bound to be a development tendency of the times. The LED industry will yield unusually brilliant results because of continuous expansion of product applications and incessant technological innovations. DAINA is one of the few manufacturers that are capable of mass producing full range high brightness LEDs in the world. In order to coping with market requirements and continual expansion of business, production capabilities and low cost manufacturing technologies lead DAINA to achieve the goals of fast growth and sustainable profitability.

Main Products

Main products include round LED, cylindrical LED, rectangular LED, straw-hat head LED, helmet LED, triangular LED, oval LED, super bright LED, surface mount LED (SMD), infrared emitting diodes, photo-transistors, bi-color, bi-polar, full color LED (RGB), housing LED, housing & spacer for LED lamps, LED display, and so forth.