Chao Chiun Mechanical Industry Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Our company had been established for 23 years, accumulated over the years of technical experience in mechanical manufacturing. With the evolution of technology, we are gradually localized model oriented international diversification. Based on the concept, we introduce a variety of research and development technology, to achieve the absolute low-cost and high profits of advantage and provide customers a more complete product line and added value. The main business of our company are as follows: industrial dryers, scouring pad machinery, hot melt cotton machinery, and non-woven machinery, sales regions throughout Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia. Factories have 18 years of industrial dryer manufacturers, has passed ISO 9001 CE certification to make our products more secure.

Main Products

Manufacturer of industrial dryer, three-layer dryer, seven-layer dryer, hot-melt cotton dryer, cotton drying machines, dual-network molding machine, non-woven fabric making machine, scouring pad making machine, two rollers ironing machine, three rollers press-polishing machine, slitting & cutting machine, piece-cutting machine, apron conveyor, papermaking machine, coarse paper making machine, coiling machine, and so forth.