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New 90 Degree Reducers

90 degree reducer

  • Model No: AF3 SERIES
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Reducer of Chu Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. is designed for high-performance mechanical equipment. When the motor speed needs to be reduced, the output torque increases and send torque completely to the application. We believe that customers will appreciate our gear to achieve their demand. Our precision gear provides a number of advantages, such as in servo control applications, good mechanical rigidity, accurate and precise positioning, in operation with low institutional backlash, high efficiency, high input torque, smooth operation, low-noise and other features. Since the structure of integrated design, light weight, and small size, servo motors can operate under a better efficient and substantially reduce the load moment of inertia and increase the output torques. Our gear is widely used in semiconductor devices, TFT-LCD optoelectronic devices, industrial automation equipment, industrial robot equipment, and all kinds of packaging equipments.

Specification :

1. Hollow shaft / solid shaft.
2. Nominal output torque: 1.7 Nm~450 Nm.
3. Speed ratio: 1/5, 1/7.5, 1/10, 1/12, 1/15, 1/20, 1/25, 1/30, 1/40, 1/50, 1/60,1/80,1/90,1/100,1/120,1/150,1/160,1/180,1/200,1/240. 4. Low backlash: precision type, ≦1 arc-min/≦3 arc-min / ordinary type≦20 arc-min.
5. High efficiency: the complete product series ≧75%.
6. High mechanical rigidity: integrated design with high mechanical rigidity.
7. Low noise.
8. Easy installation.
9. Capacity: 100W~2000W.

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