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JASDI MAGNET is an experienced Flexible Magnet manufacturer and a leading source of flexible magnet.

Hot Products

Plain Magnet Sheets
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  • Product Description:
    1. Plain flexible magnet sheeting for mounting and lamination of any media.
    2. Available in rolls or customized sheet sizes, with thickness regularly from 0.012" to 0.060".
Off Set Printable Magnetic Papers
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. OffsetMag runs through most offset printers. A peel-off backing prevents magnet sheels from being stuck in the machines. It will stick to any magnet
    receptive packgrounds.
    2. OffsetMat uses a bright white, low acid clay covered paper laminate fo...
Solvent Ink Jet Printable Magnet Sheets
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    This product is a flexible magnet material with white uncoated vinyl laminate, which is suitable for direct. Solvent solvent inkjet printing. This item provides an easy and efficient way to make magnetic posts, car signs, as well as a host of other p...
Magnetic Tapes With Adhesive
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  • Product Description:

    ● Fastening devices
    ● Assembly devices
    ● Advertising specialties
    ● Hobbies
    ● Nameplates
    ● Printing
    ● Crafts
Metal PLA Sheets
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  • Product Description:
    1. Light and magnetic receptive, this metal sheet is designed for holding magnets and magnet sheets. Use it anywhere.
    2. Application: arts & crafts, black/ white board, game board..etc.
    1. Economical to use.
    2. Easily cut and printable.
    3. ...
Color Magnet Sheets
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  • Product Description:
    1. Flexible magnet materials with white or color uncoated regular vinyl larninate. For both indoor and outdoor use.
    2. Suitable for printing process: silk screen printing, hot foil stamping printing, pad printing.
    3. Application suitable for: frid...
Magnet Sheet With PSA (Adhesive)
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Kiss-cut Adhesive magnets are die-cut adhesive flexible magnetic sheeting that are suitable for mounting of preprinted materials such as photo,business card, postcard , label, sign etc onto flexible magnets.

    Kiss-cut Adhesive magnets comes in stan...
inkjet Magnet Sheets
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  • Product Description:
    Innovation & high quality:
    JASDI magnet is proud to present inkjetMag inkjet printable magnetic paper. With high holding power, this 0.010"- thin magnetic paper runs through most desktop inkjet printers and does not require special ink. Pre...