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Deluxe Power Patient Lifts

deluxe power patient lifts

  • Model No: APC-10170E
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Application instruction:
Used for moving between beds, wheel chair and batch room, save the nurse from vocational injury and ensure the safety of the patient.
2. Standard accessories:
(1) With one APC-109SL stretch bag.
(2) Two 12V batteries, capacity is 2.7AH.
(3) With one battery charger.
(4) One wired elevation controller.

Specification :

Specification: 1. Base is 38.1x63.5mm flat tube, static powder coated surface. 2. Uses Danish LINAK electrical elevation cylinder, stable quality and reliable and safety. 3. Employs latest DC charging type electrical cylinder (Jumbo type), with button to switch over to manual mode in case of emergency and lower the patient. 4. Manual control smart type electrical elevation design convenience to nurse in application. 5. "U" shape base with adjustable flap angle to ensure safety in operation. Adjust to widest angle while using and to smallest while moving. 6. "U" shape base is adjustable in two stage, width can be adjust to 100cm(±5%) from 63.5cm. 7. Good for 40 cycles of elevation after full charge. 8. Max. pay load is 210kg(±10kg). 9. Front wheels are 3" caster, rear wheel are 4" braking wheel. 10. Never used while charging. 11. Please charge the battery while the battery displays 50% power reserve. 12. Charging time is 4~12 hours, automatic cut off while fully charged.

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