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Easy Walker For Rehabilitation


  • Model No: APC-30200
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Easy walker is the assistance tool specially design for disability to regain the action. For the purpose to allow the walking trainer to ensure the correct gesture of the patient, this walking tool possesses several good function and easy operation. It extend the standing time of training, but also promote the circulation function, furthermore encourage and increase the confidence of the patient and awareness of training. Easy walker not only offer rehabilitation for plastics surgery, it allows handy usage of more who needed.

This product allow easy adjustment for the seat height to allow the user to stand easily from lowest profile.

Caring design to prevent falling of the patient, Easy walker has rigid structure and stable wheel position, allow ease of mind operating by the patient independently. Thus, it is not necessary for the nursing personnel to accompany the patient all the time, and allow observing the condition of operation from a short distance, in order to offer proper guidance to achieve most effective rehabilitation.

Specification :


  • Powder coated steel frame.
  • Inner layer of cushion is high density fire resistance foam, outer layer is breathable artificial leather.
  • NBR one formation shock absorber set.
  • High strength spring shock absorber.
  • Height of seat is adjustable from 75cm to 100cm.
  • Front wheels are 8" hard tire, rear wheels are 16" pneumatic tire.

Standard accessories

  • Three strength of springs are available, yellow spring bears about 40 to 60 kg of load.
  • Blue spring bears about 60 to 80 kg of load.
  • Red spring bears about 80 to 100 kg of load.
  • Reference height of user is 130cm to 180cm.

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