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Multi-purpose Emergency Treatment Cart


  • Model No: APC-80951
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

‧ Retractable movable writing pad, movable cardiac emergency massaging board, easy access for C.P.R.
‧ Two first-aid medicine storage drawers with acrylic partition inside, various size cells for easy storage, can keep emergency medicine, syringe, cylinder, dosage and so on, clearly assorted.
‧ One drawer for storage of emergency appliance, may store IV set, funnel for stomach drenching, artificial respiratory device, respiratory hose. Extra lock is provided for save keep the expensive drugs, appliance prevent from stolen.
‧ Concealed powerful extractor, the extractor uses 1/2HP extra powerful pump, strong suction, with vacuum meter, water sucking regulator, the capacity of extracting bottle up to 2000cc, and equipped with full water automatic device, protect the service life of the pump.
‧ Storage space may keep glucose solution, gauze, elastic bandage, cotton swab and soon.
‧ Collision proof bumper protecting collision during pushing while emergency, extra braking wheel for securing.
‧ There is storage box at the back of the machine for storing catheter, X-ray film andetc.

Specification :

‧ Complete unit in special 304# stainless steel, special sand blast panel. Non-reflective, non-deflection, easy maintenance.
‧ Dimension: 55cmL x 54cmW x 96cmH.
‧ Voltage: AC110V 10A.

Standard accessories
1. Multi-purpose rear hanking rack(for hanging mask) 1set
2. Rectangle disinfection box for appliance(with lid) 1no
3. Round large cotton canister(with lid) 2no
4. Round small cotton canister(6cm) 2no
5. Appliance pan(25x33cm) 2no
6. Movable writing pad 1no
7. cardiac emergency massaging board(for C.P.R.) 1no
8. Large storage box(behind the machine) 1no
9. High pressure oxygen cylinder 500L 2no
10. Pressure gage, flow-meter, wettable bottle 1set
11. Bitter large and small each 2no
12. Drawing tubing, extraction catheter 1set.

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