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Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors (AUM Type)

metallized polyester film capacitors

  • Model No: MPB
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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Detail Information

Description :

The capacitor are non-inductively wound with a metallized polyester fim dielectric/electrode, encapsulated in flame retardant(UL94, V-O) plastic case(PBT) and epoxy resib end seal.
Used in fans, air-conditioners, refrigerators, power systems (UPS), office equipment, mercury lamps, fluorescent lamps and business machines.

Specification :

Base specification: (a)IEC 33 (C0)77: ised for AC motor application. (b)JIS C 4908: ised for electrical apparatus. (C)CNS 4327: ised for electrical apparatus. Climate category: in accordance with DIN40040 HSF. (a)H = minimum limit temperature: -25℃. (b)S = maximum limit temperature: +70℃. (c)F = humidity category: average relative humidity≦75%,95% for 30 days per year, continuously; 85% for the remaining days, occasionally. Rated voltage: 100,180,250, 300, 350, 400, 450 VAC. Capacitance range: 0.5μ F ~ 35 μF. Capacitance tolerance: U(- 5%~ +10%), J ( ± 5 % ), K (± 10 % ). Withstand voltage: (a)Between terminals: R.V. ×√2× 175% for 1 minute (VDC). (b)Between terminals and Case:2×ated voltage +1000V(1500v Min) for 60s.This test occasional self-healing breakdown are allowed. Dissipation factor: 0.35% at 200V.AC, 60Hz and 25℃. 1.0% at 200V.AC, 1KHz and 25℃. Insulation resistance: (a) Between terminals: insulation resistance: more than 1,000 Mohm μF. (b) Between terminals and case: ≧10 MΩ measured at 100V.AC, 60s. And 25℃.

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