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Ringlock Ledger


  • Model No: 102207~102230
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Ringlock scaffold is a modular scaffold system, which can provide major savings in labor costs while meeting the demands for safety, ease of handling and reductions in maintenance.
1) All tubes of verticals and horizontals are high strength grade at 48.3 x 3.25mm
2) The ring plates are at 10mm thickness
3) All tubes of braces are high strength grade at 48.3 x 2.3mm
4) The bolts on braces are high strength grade
5) All items are at hot-dipped-galvanized finishing, unless specified
6) Can also be manufactured as per customers' requirements
7) Packing In bundles

Specification :

CodeDescriptionDim (L) mmWeight(kg)Finishing
102207Ringlock Ledger 0.7M730mmL3.4Hot Dip Galvanized
102210Ringlock Ledger 1.0M1000mmL4.6
102213Ringlock Ledger 1.3M1300mmL6
102215Ringlock Ledger 1.5M1500mmL6.5
102220Ringlock Ledger 2.0M2000mmL8.4
102223Ringlock Ledger 2.3M2300mmL9.5
102225Ringlock Ledger 2.5M2500mmL10.2
102230Ringlock Ledger 3.0M3000mmL12.1
*Customization product is available  

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