Titanic Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Custom Linear Guide Components, Plastic Gear Double-Material Injection and more


Company Introduction

Titanic Technology is established by plastic composites expert, Professor Huang. Committed to the priority of "conforming to customer's demand with honest service, creating good prospect by quality standard promotion", provides service of plastic ejection products and mold manufacturing. Professor also provides expert opinions and suggestions for material selection and structural exterior designs to our clients for no charge. Besides plastic products and mold manufacturing, Professor Huang also help clients to test the tensile, impact and abrasion of plastic products, etc, to confirm the quality.

We use high precision injection molding machines, CNC WEDM and testing equipments imported from Europe and Japan. We are having excellent working environment to achieve efficient administration. We guarantee you will receive the best product with great satisfaction at a best price.

Our major products are custom linear guide components, plastic gear, LED components, double-material injection, 3C products, and other high-precision plastic components. We have equipped with varieties of engineering parts as well as wild experience in the production. We can design and assemble to customer needs and requirements. Clients can also purchase high quality Linear Guide through our website.

Main Products

Our major products are plastic products and molds, including (1) mold manufacturing and injection molding- plastic injection / insert moldings, two shot molding, injection molded plastics, injection molds, mold making (maker), 2 colour mould maker. (2) linear guide plastic components- dust proofs, covers, cycle seats, retainers, sleeves, chain belts, plug holes, linear motion / ball guides. (3) plastic gears- (worm / spur / helical / transmission / roller / spiral bevel / internal / row feet / mini belt / industry) gears and other accessory, hydraulic gear pumps. (4) metal injection moldings. (5) LED plastic components. (6) precision plastic components- custom plastic injection products, precisive plastic parts, (high-precision / 3C) plastic components, two- colors injection parts.