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Quit Button, Quit Button Mouse

quit button mouse

  • Model No: Quit Button Mouse
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Description :
Reasonable Camouflage-Protect Your Privacy-Save your Job

With such advanced technology and widely available computers and Internet, work and fun could all be connected via simple finger touch and the screen; however, any place, anytime, there are things you just don't want to share with others while using your personal computer.
Security Button was invented specifically for occasions like this!!!

‧If you were a financial officer and there are budget figures you don't want colleagues passing by or coming for a chat to see.
‧If you were a designer and there is this blueprint that you've worked so hard on and only needing its last touch.
‧If you worked at a boring office environment and you are chatting with your best friend through MSN or are making a dinner reservation with your significant other through the Internet.
‧If you were at school trying to convey to your classmates what new tricks you've pulled on that popular on-line game.
‧If you were home telling your friends the cool pictures you've seen on the net (even if you've finished your homework already)
BUT, someone unexpectedly approached you at your desk; perhaps it was your manager, colleague, parents, teachers, and boyfriend/girlfriend. You rush to shut off the computer monitor, only to draw more attention to the people who have come close to you. Even if they didn't say anything, they probably saw everything.

Security Mouse/Button was invented specifically for occasions like this!

Specification :

Package contents: Security Mouse or Button, 100 / 130 cm of cable, USB to PS2 converter, installation CD.

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