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RO Water Purifiers

water purifiers

  • Model No: JND RO-50
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Features of reverse osmosis water purifier:
1. Five-step.
2. First filtering: fibre filter core filters sand, iron rust and other grains.
3. Second filtering: Granule active carbon absorbs special smell chlorine remains, pesticide remains and so on.
4. Third filtering: fibre filter core filters small materials less then 1 micron and effectively protect reverse infiltrated film.
5. Forth filtering: Get rid of bacterium, virtues, heave metal, metallic salts, organic and minerals.
6. Fifth filtering: postposition active carbon absorbs special color and smell to guarantee the taste of pure water.
7. Packing meas(mm): 570x378x528.
8. Main box meas(mm): 370x225x495.
9. Pressure tank meas(mm): 280x280x370.

Specification :

1. Capacity of pure water: 7.8 L/H. 2. General power 30 W. 3. Voltage DC 24V. 4. Water source public tap water. 5. Pressure of water inflow 0.1-0.4Mpa.

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