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Wireless G VoIP ADSL2+ VPN Routers

wireless g voip adsl2 vpn router

  • Model No: AL-2212VOG
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Two FXS ports for connecting to regular telephones.
2. One RJ-11 FXO port for PSTN line.
3. Support up to 16 secured VPN(Virtual Private Network) with 3DES.
4. Provide ADSL2+ high speed Internet connection.
5. Compliance with IEEE 802.11g(2.4GHz) with WPA support.
6. Full ATM protocol support.
7. SOHO firewall security with DoS prevention and SPI.
8. QoS control for traffic prioritization and bandwidth management.
9. Quick installation wizard and auto-scan of ADSL setting.
10. Web browser configuration and management tool allows easy configuration via Ethernet or wireless connection.

Specification :

1. ADSL standard: (1) ITU G.992.5(G.dmt.busplus). (2) ITU G.992.3(G.dmt.bis). (3) ANSI T1.413 issue 2. (4) ITU G.992.1(G.dmt) & G.992.2(G.lite). 2. Wireless standard: (1) IEEE 802.11g/b(2.4GHz) compliant. (2) 64/128-bit WEP encryption. (3) WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK support. (4) WDS repeater function. 3. Maximum downstream/upstream speed (1) 24M/1M bps: Annex A/B. (2) 24M/3M bps: Annex M(for AL-2212VOGM only). 4. Reaches in distance: (1) Up to18,000 feet. 5. ATM protocol and encapsulations: (1) RFC 2364-PPP over ATM VCMUX/LLCSNAP. (2) RFC 2516-PPP over Ethernet VCMUX/LLCSNAP. (3) RFC 1577-Classical IP over ATM. (4) RFC 1483-Bridged/Routed IP over ATM LLCSNAP. (5) RFC 1483-Bridged/Routed IP over ATM VCMUX. (6) 8 PVCs(simultaneous and encapsulation independent). (7) VPI/VCI range: 0-255/0-65536. (8) Encapsulation hunting of up to 8 pre-defined VPI/VCI & encapsulation sets. (9) Support AAL5 and service class UBR & CBR. (10) OAM F4/F5 loopback. 6. Router protocols: (1) NAT, Static IP routing(configurable route table). (2) RIPv2(backward compatible with RIPv1). (3) DHCP server/client/relay agent. (4) Universal Plug and Play(UPnP) support. (5) Dynamic Domain Name System(DDNS). (6) PPP auto reconnect on WAN access. (7) 128 character support for PPPx username/password. (8) Virtual Server and DMZ. (9) Port forwarding. (10) NAPT, Dynamic NAPT. (11) IGMP snooping for video service.

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