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4 Port ADSL2+ Routers

4 port adsl2 router

  • Model No: AL-2108R
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. It provides fast and reliable internet access over the existing copper wires.
2. Is idea solution for SOHO users. Data rates up to 24Mbps, you can share a single IP account within your entire network to enjoy internet convenience at the time.
3. Up to 24Mbps data rate based on ADSL2+ protocol.
4. Support ZIPB(Zero installation PPP bridge mode), UPnP and quick wizard for easy installation.
5. SOHO firewall function secures your networking away from hacker's attack.
6. Feature-riched router function simplifies networking administration.
7. Equipped with 4-port Switch to share Internet access easily.
8. Built-in USB port for another user connect to Internet simultaneously.
9. Web-based configuration.

Specification :

1. Router function: (1) DHCP server/client/relay. (2) Universal plug and play(UPnP) compliant. (3) NAT/NAPT/Dynamic NAPT. (4) Dynamic domain name system(DDNS). (5) Virtual server and DMZ. (6) ZIPB(zero installation PPP bridge mode). (7) Static IP routing and RIP 1/2. (8) DNS proxy/server. (9) Bridge filtering/IP filtering. (10) IGMP proxy. (11) PPP Half-bridge. (12) PPP reconnect on WAN access. 2. Firewall function: (1) Black list. (2) Attack protection: IP spoofing, teardrop, smurf and fraggle, land attack and pin of death. (3) DoS protection: SYN DoS, ICMP DoS and Per-host DoS protection. (4) E-mail ID of Admin 1/2/3. 3. ADSL standard: (1) ITU G.992.5(G.dmt.busplus). (2) ITU G.992.3(G.dmt.bis). (3) ANSI T1.413 issue 2. (4) ITU G.992.1(G.dmt) & G.992.2(G.lite). 4. Maximum downstream/upstream speed: (1) 8M/1M bps(3Mbps is coming soon). 5. Reaches in distance: (1) Up to18,000 feet.

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