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Grinding Wheel Dresser


  • Model No: FD38/FD65/FD100
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

* Manually lapped cyliner slide way and quill assembly, garantee the best precision and largest rigidity of the feeding unit that makes perfect dressing surface of the grind wheel possible.
* Vertical feed (Y axis) by stepping motor.
Cross feed (X axis) by DC motor.
(Support with DC drives)
Servo motor is also available for X and Y axis (opt.)
* This dressing system is wide used on NC/CNC surface grinder when automatic drossing and compensating is reqyired.
* Variety of specification for you needs:
X axis (For thickness) 38/65/100mm
Y axis (For diameter) 70/100mm

Specification :

型號ABCDEFGHIJKLX axis X axis Y axis Weight(kg) 
Stroke(mm)Feed rate Stroke(mm)Approx

X axisStroke (mm)3865100
Feed rate (M/min)0.3~10.3~10.3~1
Y axisStroke (mm)7070~100100
Feed rate (M/min)0.0010.0010.001
Dimension (mm)A170170170
Weight(kg) Approx. 303545

Features :

1. Manually lapped slideway system ( X axis ) provides:
* High rigidity: deformtion under 0.002mm/10kg....FD65
* High accuracy: variation under 0.002mm/38mm....FD38
* Smooth movement: minimum speed available
0.3M/min for DC motor drive
0.1M/min for stepping motor drive
* OEM wanted
2. High sensitivity down feed system ( Y axis ) provides:
* Minimum resolution 0.001mm
* Sensitivity under 0.002mm
* OEM wanted
3. Well-sealed anti-dust cover
4. Steping or servo motor for X axis is also available ( OPT. )
5. Servo motor for Y axis is also available ( OPT.)
6. Suitable for various kinds of grinding machine

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