An Diann Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

AN-DIANN ENTERPRISE CORPORATION established since 1976, formerly known as Shian Feng Corporation, is a professional foam material manufacturer upholding the business philosophy of “high quality, high-level”. Working together by chairman of Mr. Jing Tan, Lee and staff with effort, they commitment to manufacture and process a series of professional semi-processed goods and finished products of EVA foam and Neoprene rubber foam materials, such as yoga supplies, shoes, surfing suits, diving suits, body slimming clothes and pants, sporting goods and medical protectors, horse protectors, fishing gloves and bag materials, and etc. are applied widely by various enterprises.

As the advancement of technology, the company has successively introduced advanced automatic machinery equipment and environmental materials, manufactured the most sophisticated products, and enhanced staff expertise to improve production, increase efficiency, and enhance customer product competitiveness to make our services efficient and complete. Now, the factory has the two complete set of production lines, and machinery equipments, which include foam molding machine, embossed molding machine, and cutting machine, to make the consistent production process with a comprehensive quality control and provide customer satisfaction with reliable products.

Looking ahead, AN-DIANN ENTERPRISE will carry out corporate goals of “quality products, specialized molding and fitting process for customized products and services”. Cope with the new enterprise architecture, ISO9001 international quality certification, and team work to cover customer needs domestically and abroad. Innovate to create new market opportunities, establish clear goals, take responsibility and risks, and create three-win situation of customers, employees, and companies of AN-DIANN ENTERPRISE works forward to achieving the sustainability operation.

Main Products

Manufacture of professional foam materials include- (1) rubber and plastics- (CR, CS, SBR) rubber sponge, neoprene product, CS(CR+SBR) slab/sheet/roller, EVA, PE+VA, plastics foams, EVA/ insole/ outsole, TPE, NBR, sporty goods, protection goods, EVA/TPE embossing material. (2) finished products- swimming/rhythm glove, aggravates the clothes, high qiugan bag, computer bag, waist & shoulder bag, yoga mat class building block, yoga mat strap, waist/weightlifting belt, protecting equipment, protects the thigh, shoulder pad/ kneepad class, protects the ankle area class, face mask, fishing seat, and so on.