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RONG FU INDUSTRIAL is Taiwan-based manufacturer of metal bandsaw machines. We will also exhibit TIMTOS 2019 to display our latest Band Saw Machines, milling/drilling machines and technology. Sincerely invite you to visit our booth.

TIMTOS 2019 (Taipei International Machine Tool Show)
Date: March 4-9, 2019
Location: TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 & 3, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall

•Provides max. cutting at 300 mm dia. Maximum width 500 mm.
•Dual column feeding system provides more stable and precise cutting.
•Semi-Auto with hydraulic pump and magnetic switch to control saw bow up down movement.
•Semi-Auto hydraulic vise provide 15 mm travel for auto clamping.
•Deluxe control panel and control box in front provide easy operation.
•Machine Base, Blade wheels are made of Casting, ensure the rigidity and stability of strength.
•Drive wheel fixed by enlarging spindle nut method, increase the stability and life.
•Heavy duty gear box with 4 steps pulley change provide different cutting speed.
•Hydraulic brake down feed dial on control panel, easy to operate.
•Saw bow lifting height setting by sliding bar, easy to operate.
•With large scale in front, for easy setting counter blade guide position.
•Front open style blade cover provide safety protection.
•Carbide guide with bearing increase the stability, and prolong blade life, reduce comsumption cost.
•Lead screw and rack vise system provide quick and firm clamping.
•Adjustable blade guide arm to increase work piece precision and saw blade life.
•Semi-automatic and high-productivity for tubes, profiles, solids bars, ferrous and nonferrous materials .
•Magnetic switch with power off, easy operation and safety.
•Equipped with coolant system for wet cutting. Separated coolant switch.
•Wide chip tray with filter net for easy collecting chips and cleaning.
•With Bi-metal blade, chip brush, length stop set and work light.
•Optional laser indicator for cutting line indication.
•Optional hydraulic tension meter to maintain stable tension and prolong the blade life.
•Optional roller stock stand for helping the support of heavy and long work piece

TIMTOS 2015 (Taipei International Machine Tool Show)
Date: March 3-8, 2015
Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall
Stand No: L0110