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Automatic Cutting Band Saw


  • Model No: RF-4242NC
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.Intelligent machine: Control panel and touch screen collocated with human machine interface allow easy operation and high efficiency. The information of problems and trouble shooting are shown in screen when machine operates abnormally and historical data also recorded for reference.
2.High Efficiency Transmission System: A double-connected type belt is adopted to avoid sliding. The power is fully transmitted to saw blade. With easy replacement device of belt, it saves time.
3.Two-step Full Stroke Vises: The excellent design combines the advantage of rack and full stroke. The much shorter hydraulic cylinder effectively saves the space of machine dimension.
4.Hydraulic Blade Tension: The blade tension is preset according to practical demand and maintained. The blade is loosened when the machine stops. It allows high cutting efficiency and long blade life.
5.Nesting fixture: Two sets of vertical pressing device allow high accuracy, efficiency and convenience for bundle cutting.
6.Blade shockproof device: The Anti-vibrating device is designed to decrease the vibrating and noise of blade when cutting is proceeding.
7.Sliding feeding rollers: The rollers allow more smooth and less friction of workpiece feeding especially for heavy or rough workpiece.
8.Hydraulic chip conveyor: The reverse pushing design conveys chips efficiently. It can make chips drier when conveying and save more space.
9.Electrical Circuit Board: An efficient PLC and high quality components are adopted for electrical control system. The applicable space collocation allows easy and convenient maintenance and save time.
10.Gearbox device: The best material is adopted for the components of gearbox. It can decrease the attrition of the parts in gearbox. The temperature of shaft seat is always under 55°C during the machine is operating.
11.Blade clamping device: The high hardness material is adopted for carbide insert. The chink of the insert can bring the cutting oil to blade. So it can easily lubricate the internal part of workpiece.
Guiding bearing device. Bearings are adopted for guiding the blade. They can make the blade turns smoothly to increase the life of blade and decrease the noise while cutting.
12.Middle limit device: When blade's height is lower than vises' height, middle limit controls the vise move backward just by a micro-quantity to prevent the crashing into the saw arm in case of mistake operating.
13.Feeding table: Feeding table is equipped with floating vise and rollers. When the feeding table moves backward, they can prevent the workpiece moving backward caused of the material is overweight or crooked. A protecting cover is installed above the guiding shaft to prevent the damage by dropping material.
14.Length setting: The whole NC series adopt magnetic scale for length setting instead of contact induction device. It allows the high precision of length setting and prevents the accuracy to be hurt by sewage on the table.

Specification :

SAW BLADESIZE4880×41×1.3mm

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