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Chanson Counter Top Miracle Water Ionizers (Alkaline Waters)

chanson counter top miracle water ionizer

  • Model No: Junior 003
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.Counter top Alkaline water ionizer machine.
3. 3,5,7 plates of electrode bath.
4. Alkaline ion water ionized machine------ chanson counter- top MIRACLE water ionizer machine.
5. Patent Intellectual LOCK keypad: PH-value locked & micro-adjust to prevent kids and elders for mistake drinking.
6. Latest designed panel: anti-UV, prevent of abrasion &scratch, integral design of touched panel.
7. Multi functions LCM Screen & 7 colors backlight display: reveals the value of PH, ORP, time and the alarm of over-heating, machine's breakdown.
8. Use Japan made unwoven sliver-adding fiber activated carbon Filter which reduces lead (pj-6000):
(1) 20 times of absorption volume ability, 150 times of absorption area ability, 10 times of absorption speed to compare with the normal activated carbon filter.
(2) Remove leads ions from old pipes
(3) Silver-adding in the filter could reduce bacterial and virus.
9. High efficiency 7 plates sintered Nano-platinum, 8 electrode baths: 7 plates sintered solid titanium coated with highest grade of nano-platinum clan components. Saves power consumption; prolong the electrode bath life. With higher surface area to compare with the normal platinum in the world.
10. Easy change the filter cartridge from left case. Human-base designed for easy change the element.
11. 7 sections water quality micro-adjust function: 4 alkaline water & 1 neutral water & 2 Acidic water.

Specification :

1. Item: counter top alkaline water ionizer.
2. Model: PL700.
3. Dimensions:8.86(L)x4.72(W)x13(H) inch.
4. Weight: 8 kg.
5. Filter(pj-6000) Life:20000L.
6. Temperature:5-40 °C.
7. Water Pressure:0.8-6.0 kg/cm2.
8. Input:220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz.
9. Power consumption: 5--150w.
10. Filter(pj-6000): Chanson nano fiber activated carbon filter removes lead, bacterial and virus.

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