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Submersible Water Pumps

submersible water pump

  • Model No: FBL-855
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Axial flow design to meet large flow capacity, low energy consumption and easy assemblage.
2. Convenient to operate with no need of high voltage generator; and the least vibration and noise caused.
3. Motor frame and casing are both made of copper alloy and stainless steel to raise durability and wear-resistance.
4. The series have been designed particularly as cast iron-economical type for special applications. ( sustomized )
5. Dual mechanical seals are adopted for higher friction-resistance to be reliable for applying in seawater, slurry and sewage. Motor frame and outer coer are both made of stainless steel #304; highly precise positions of screws designed for easy maintenance without metal fatigue occurred.
6. Inner cable wires and cable base are upgraded by filling EPOXY to raise humidity-resistance.

1. Agriculture irrigation, drainage of fishing ponds, aquafarm, subway, flood control, water supply for landscape and other particular applications for large-flow capacity.
2. Head of 5m and below is applicable.

Specification :

1. Output: 7.5HP (5.5kW).
2. Outlet diameter: 8".
3. Phase: 3.
4. Pole: 4P.
5. Standards head: 4 m.
6. Standards capacity: 3.5 m3/min.
7. Max diameter: 340 mm.
8. Height: 920 mm.
9. Weight: 120 kgs.
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