Shenzhen Renhe Plastics Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of Vacuum Forming Products, Blister packaging.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
ShenZhen Renhe Plastic Co., Ltd was established in 2002 which is a professional factory for vacuum forming. The main products are used for packing fruits, foods, medicines, toys, sea products, electronic products, handicrafts, hardware, cosmetics and so on. We have various raw materials for you to choose, such as APET, PETE, PETG, GAG, PS, HIPS, PP and PVC.

*Monthly output of 300 tons
With two factories and eight production lines, we can produce over 300 tons of products per month, 50% of which are exported to Europe, North America and Australia. We can fill your OEM orders in just seven days.

*Develop new items as per your requirements
We have our own molding department. Our experienced engineers can fulfill your design needs with 100% satisfaction. We welcome your ODM orders, prototype lead time can be as short as one week.

*15 QC staff with more than four years of experience
We are ISO 9001:2008 and FDA certified and all our products comply with RoHS. We have 15 experienced QC staff, whose rigorous, hard work guarantees our quality products out of every production line.

If you are interested in any of our products, please contact us today.

People based: employee is the biggest asset.

Perfection pursue: constantly strive for perfection.

Place strong emphasis on products quality and believes in using quality to win yours hearts.

Strives for perfection, meets the demand and boosts the environmental protection:
Optimizing the technical process, using the environmental material and decreasing the waste during production to satisfy the customers demand and boost the environmental development.

Numerous mouth creates brand, cross management guarantees high quality:
Quality, taste, character, responsibility guarantee quality,brings high quality with consciousness first. Relying on cross quality control to manufacture the high quality products, which guards the industry status and casts the brand.

Main Products

We specialize in manufacturing plastic vacuum thermoforming products-
1. vacuum forming thick parts, which are widely used in the areas like food, toys, automobiles, home appliances, tourism, printing, medical and furniture, etc. The main products include: automobile plastic casing, various plastic shells of equipments, large plastic trays, heavy duty trays, etc.

2. electronics blister packaging which are suitable for packing various kinds of electronic products, semi-finished products, components, etc. The main products include: electronic clamshell, ESD tray, electronic blister packaging, PCBA tray, bluetooth package, cable blister, Faceplates tray and so on.

3. food blister packaging: available for packing vegetables, fruits, meat products, sea food, cooked food, pastry, etc.

4. medical blister packaging: apply to pack all kinds of medical products and medical appliance.

5. consumer blister packaging: mainly used to gift packing, cosmetics packing, toys packing, stationery packing, consumer electronics packing, tools packing, households packing and all retail products packing.