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Bluetooth Speaker With Galaxy Light


  • Model No: TL-ABD-BS-02
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

*Intuitive IR remote with easy icons
*World unique "Music+Light" LED Brilliant Bluetooth Speaker.
*Combine High class speaker system and Red-dot awarded LED technology.

Specification :


  • High class 2.1 Left/Right/Woofer tube speaker system

  • High class Neodymium "Super Magnet" speakers, make High and Mids pitch crystal clear

  • "Church organ pipe" like Woofer tube, make Bass powerful

  • Patented "side positioning speakers", sound reflection in a room, make it better stereo effect than competitors

  • Optimized Speaker-specific equalization, make no broken sound even turn volume all the way up

  • Both Bluetooth and Audio Line-In connections

  • Easy Bluetooth setup and easy re-link back capability

  • Remote can control your smart phone music play/pause/forward/backward, even phone is idle charging





  • 16,000,000 delicate colors to choose, including Hues, Brightness and Saturation

  • Patented "Galaxy" diffusion technology, make it bling bling like a night sky

  • World unique "Plating mold" diamond cut, make its reflection as shining as real diamond

  • Patented "Music you can see" LED lighting technology, beat match with your music

  • 3 Music sync lighting patterns to choose from, one for soft music, two for rock music, to fit different music moods


Sample Information

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Per Delivery Quantity :
1 pc
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