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Audio Art Collection


  • Model No: TL-ABD-BS-08
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

*Art Decoration
A piece of modern art with an appealing blend of materials, shapes and finishes. It is truly a powerful wireless digital audio streaming device and can be the sound stage and solo performer for fairly large rooms with its powerful bass and esoteric and mind blowing mid and upper registers.

*Audio Art Engineering
Apart from the patented dual Electrostatz® tweeter arrangement, proprietary IC chipset for optimal electrostatic performance, DSP surround sound chipset, CSR Bluetooth apt-X codec, it also packs a powerful digital amplifier, two neodymium woofers and a passive radiator for even more bass response.

*Wall and Table Mounted
It sits proudly on the table top with its base stand. However when you remove the detachable base and mount it on the wall, Collage really is in its comfort zone. Not only will it become the center piece of your room, the acoustic qualities will shine due the acoustic reflections created by the back waves of the dipole Electrostatz tweeters.

*Modern Industrial Design
The pure aesthetics and simplicity of wireless streaming from your smart device, from anywhere you feel comfortable just adds to the whole pleasurable experience of listening to your favorite tune. The industrial design emphasizes on intuitive user experiences and absolutely simple formed aesthetics.

*Color/Material/Finish (CMF)
The chic design is currently available in two color combos to match any decor in the home. There is the subtle European favorite of white and beige, colors that just blend quietly with the neo-modern interior for an authentic Scandinavian flavor. Or there’s the stark contrast of Black and Red for the person that needs to be noticed.

*Spoil Your Aural Senses
Electrostatic speakers, as every audiophile is in the know, deliver the sweetest, most natural hi-fidelity experience on offer. IN2UIT proudly presents the world’s first self-biased electrostatic speaker that is compact and affordable for the masses. Treat your ears to some bubbly and relax.

*No Bells and Whistles
Everything is kept to the bare essentials and the only thing between you and Collage, is the amazing music

Specification :

Comes in dual color combos

Deep RED + Charcoal BLACK / Pearl WHITE + Natural BEIGE

Overall Device Size

524mm (W) X 250mm (H) X 60mm (D)

Electrostatz® Panels

1.5mm Thick

Electrostatz® Tweeter Enclosure

6mm Thick

Overall Weight

1.29 KG

Wireless Protocol

Bluetooth apt-X Codec from CSR


Universal voltage adaptor 100 - 240V

Power Output

2 x 2.5W + 2 x 10W (25W)


2 X T10 Electrostatz®driver + 2 X 2" neodymium woofer

Sample Information

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Per Delivery Quantity :
1 pc
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