Kii Chang Textile Co.,Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Kii Chang Textile Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1978. At present, there are approximately 100 employees in the factory. In order to fulfill customers' needs and upgrade the quality, we introduced the most advance machinery and technology from Switzerland, Italy and Japan. From thread-dividing and twisting to dyeing and finishing a completed in an integrated process. Our products include high-twisting fabrics, fabrics of wedding gowns, fabrics of screen printing, nylon mesh and filter ( release static, ray, flash). We can offer 45" up to 84" width, depends on customer's request. Welcome to contact us soon!

Main Products

we provide fabrics, high tension screens screen printing fabrics, high-twisting fabrics, webbing gown fabrics, nylon meshes fabrics, filter fabrics ( release static, ray, flash).