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CNC Lathes Flat Bed Type
  • Model No:
    BMT 2040/60/80/120EN BMT 2240/60/120EN
  • Product Description:
    Standard Equipment:
    1. Automatic lubrication pump for slideways and ballscrews.
    2. Automatic spindle speed gear change.
    3. Cutting fluid coolant system.
    4. Full enclosed end guard.
    5. Headstock/Gearbox oil cooler design.
    6. Full length rear spl...
DDM Rotary Tables
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    * rotation speed exceeds 150/min, making the rotary suitable for turning and grinding applications.
    * Low intertia-No gears or belts in direct drive system, resulting in lower intertia and geratet acceleration/deceleration.
    * Equipped with high pre...