Sinai Technology Co., Ltd.,

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Sinai Technology Co., Ltd., founded in Taiwan in the November of 1999, who specializes in manufacturing OEM & ODM of both TFT monitor, TV and special design of A/D board. We specialize in 15", 17", 19", 20", and 22" LCD monitor and CCTV monitor models. And, due to increase in demand for larger size TFT LCDs, Sinai has begun to manufacture 26", 32", 42" and 47" models as well starting this year; moreover, we also be an important OEM manufacturer for many companies.
In addition, we also provide Open Frame service. This service is designed for multinational corporations. Open Frame installs Sinai monitors into machines designed for general public use, such as KIOSK, ATMs, gas pumps, supermarket counters, medical monitoring units, etc.
Today, Sinai has total capital of US$7,500,000 and over 70% in total sales revenue growth.

Under the supervision of experienced engineers, our service team will provide you with the best technical support. The superior after-sales service plan backed us for providing top quality products along with timely and courteous customer service.

Main Products

we manufacturer of LCD TV, LCD monitors, Open Frame, SKD.