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Five Layer Co-extrusion Lines

five layer co-extrusion lines

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Detail Information

Description :

1.Screw Dia. : Ø45 mm�BØ55 mm�BØ65 mm , L/D = 30/1�B (Equipped with : AC motor + Inverter) (Screw diameter’s selection is subject to film features)
2.Whole line from extruder 5 sets�Aupper take-up unit to winder work proportionally with Human-Machine interface�Acontrolled by touching screen monitor�Aeasy operation.
3.5 layer stacking type of die�Adie dia. Ø200 ~Ø750 mm.
4.I.B.C. ( Internal bubble cooling ) control system and width detect.
5.Distribution of inner and outer cooling air.
6.360° Horizontal rotary take up unit
7.Back to back winding device with tension control.
8.C.P.C. ( German brand: EL ) : Central position control system Enhance film quality and production rate�Aminimize film deviation and ensure accuracy of film distribution and winding.

Film specifications :
High transparency�A puncture resistance�Ahigh durability�Ahigh stand upright�A excellent seal under lower temperature�Agood lamination�Aanti-crimp�A good corona treatment�Aincrease capacity�Aincrease anti-oxidation�A lower material costs ( secondary barrier film )

Application :
1. Stand-up pouch 2. Soft tube 3. Soft drink pack 4. Lamination Film 5. Protection Film 6. Stretch Film 7. Good Stand Upright & High Transparency Heat Shrinking Film

Specification :

·Material to use : LDPE�BLLDPE�BMLLDPE�BHDPE�BPP�BEVA ·Max. production capacity : 200 ~ 700 kg/hr ( at ambiend temperature 32�J ) ·Max. Lay-flat width of film : 500 ~ 3000 mm ·Thickness of film : 0.03 ~ 0.2 mm (Depending on material’s property and blown up ratio)

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