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Agricultural & Industrial Film Extrusion Lines

agricultural and industrial film extrusion lines

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Detail Information

Description :

1.Inner cooling type die can increase production output, make a shape in film fast,Decrease non-confirmative films, and make sizes be changed easily and simply.
Furthermore, the guessting film can be opened easily, and the enlarged blown up ratio can improve effectively the film strength.
2.Take-up unit with function of stable drawing and non-scratch.
Guessting design is available upon request.
3.Winding unit can be designed as plane-winding or gusseting winding.

Specification :

·Agricultural and Industrial Film Line. Lay-flat width of film from 6M to 12M, productivity can be designed according to customer’s requirements from 600 kgs/hr to 1200 kgs/hr. Film also can be designed as Single-layer, Double-layer, Three-layer subjects to customer’s needs. ·Extruder is equipped with screw diameter: Ø 85 mm : single extruder can produce 320 kgs/hr Ø 100mm : single extruder can produce 450 kgs/hr Ø 125mm : single extruder can produce 700 kgs/hr Ø 150mm : single extruder can produce 1000 kgs/hr The quantity of extruders should be chosen depends on requirements of productivity. Every production line can be equipped with 3 sets extruders at most.

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