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3 Layer Heavy Duty Bag Blown Film Machines

3 layer heavy duty bag blown film machines

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Detail Information

Description :

●Advanced Counter-flow Auotomatic Air Ring
1.The external cooling system employs the latest count-flow automatic air ring. It combines uo-blow down blow cooling air port.
2.Height of air ring is adjustable as desires.
3.Only one air ring is required to stabilize film bubble.
Production capacity can reach 250 ‧350 kg/hr.
4.Automatic control of film thickness errors combined with a thickness measurement device provides quick adjustments of film thickness.
5.Film thickness tolerance can be controlled within ±4%.

●Internal Cooling IBC System Width Tolerance ±3mm
1.The internal cooling system employs high accuracy, fast response ultrasonic components, allowing for accurate control of cooling air in/out.
2.In high production and continuous operations, film layflat width tolerance can be controlled within ±3mm.

●Horizontal Take-up Unit
1.The unit is compactly constructed, featuring smooth and stable motion.
2.Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotating angle can be set as desired.
3.Effectively solves the problem of material and difficult maintenance, which usually in a muliti-layer die.
4.Eliminates the problem of film roll edge loosening and creating uneven sides.

The die is designed with a special channel for reducing pressure. This dramatically upgrades productivity. Another benefit is increased uniformity of melt distribution, ensuring , maximum uniformity of film thickness.

The extruder is equipped with an exclusively designed screw, exhibiting outstanding features such as high throughput, high mixing capacity and low load.

Specification :

●Automatic Linear Way Type Surface Winder
1.the winder integrates many advanced functions, such as: EPC for correcting meandering of film edge, incorrect side device, tapered tension control, electro-static elimination, automatic fly-cutter and roll changer, hydraulic uploading, automatic calculation of roll diameter and film roll length, etc.
2.Winding diameter is up 15000mm.

●Automatic Material Supply System The automatic central material supply system in combinations with material mixing lost weight system accurately controls material mixing ratio for each layer. It assures consistent film properties at all times.

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