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Wire Wound Chip Inductors
  • Model No:
    NL3225 SERIES
  • Product Description:
    ‧Excellent solderability and resistance to soldering heat impact.
    ‧Suitable for flow and reflow soldering.
    ‧Good dimensions, high reliability, and easy surface mount assembly.
    ‧Terminals are highly resistant to pull forces.
    ‧Highly res...
Wire Wound Chip Inductors
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    ‧Magentically shielded and low radiation.
    ‧The product has good heat durability that withstands lead-free compatible reflow soldering conditions.
    ‧Lead-free material is used for the plating on the terminal.
    ‧Flat boffom for reliable surface mounti...