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  • Model No: FC-751
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

FC-751CFC is a miniature 48-channel O EM GPS receiver module reference product.
Application design using PT9258E SoC receiver. It is optimized for high – performance, Ease-of-use, flexibility, and low-cost. The GPS receiver is suitable for a wide range of Navigation and tracking applications. 48 parallel channels and 4000K corelators provide
Fast satellite signal acquisition and short start-up time. Acquisition sensitivity of – 146 dBm
And tracking sensitivity of -160dBm offers good performance even under difficult environments.
The FC-751CFC provides one 3.3V UA RT serial I/O and two GRIO pins. Witch on-board LNA,
Passive antenna is supported directly. Below 120mW power consumption makes the FC-751CFC
Ideal for battery-operated portable devices.
Satellite-based augmentation systems, such as WAAS and EGNOS, are supported to yield improved accuracy. Small size and SMD mounting allow Standard SMT assembly process, making it ideal for high volume production.

High sensitivity of – 160dB in tracking &n – 146dB in acquisition.
RF receiver of noise figure at 1.0dB.
Build in power-on-rest and calibration circuits.
Build in 20KV ESD protection. (RF in only)
Active antenna sensor to automatically switching.
Fast TIFF in all modes. (a typical outdoor)
# Hot-start in 2s.
# Warm-start in 31s.
# Cold-start in 32s.
32 acquisition & 16 tracking channels.
Equivalent to 4,000K/sec time-frequency windows with hybrid search engine.
High sensitivity tracking/acquisition architecture.
Support standard NMEA-0183 & prolific binary protocol.
TCXO &RTC integrated.
Track/Acquire power consumption will be <120mW (GPS module)
<3m CEP accuracy
Easy to integrate
# Flexible RF interface – compatible with various frequency plan
# Dual UART data interface
# 12C & SPI interface
# Numerous GPIO

Specification :

Technical Specification: Receiver Type: 48 parallel channel, L1 C/A code
Accuracy:Position 3m CEP Velocity 0.1m/sec 1PPS Timing +/- 120ns Startup Time <2sec hot start <31sec warm start <32sec cold start
Reacquisition: 1s Sensitivity: <146dBm acquisition <160dBm tracking Update Rate: 1Hz Dynamics:4G (39.2m/sec2) Operational Limits: Altitude <18,000m or velocity , 515m/s (COCOM limit, either may be exceeded but not both)
Serial Interface: LVTTL Level Protocol: NMEA-0183 V3.01 GPGGA, GPGLL, GPGSA, GPGSV, GPRMC, GPVTG, GPZDA 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 BAUD (DEFAULT 9600),
8 Datum: WGS-84 Input Voltage: 3.3V DC +/- 10% Power Consumption:<120 mW Dimension: 13mm (L) x 15.6 mm (W) x 2.5 mm (H) Weight: 2.0g (max)
Operating Temperature:-40℃ ~ +85℃
Humidity5% ~ 95%

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