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Shielded Power Inductors

shielded power inductors

  • Model No: MHCI / MHCC Series
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

MHCC series is designed for low profile type with low RDC and ultra large current. Its molded magnetic shielded type is suitable for high-density mounting and ultra low buzz noise. Soldering conditions can be easily confirmed when mounting onto the board. This series also provides customers with embossed carrier type packaging for automatic mounting machine.
Applications: High density DC/DC converters
 POL converters
 High current VRM/VRD for notebook / Server / desktop CPUs
 High speed charger

Specification :

MHCI04012 Inductance: 0.22~1.0uH
Irms: 4.0~8.5 A(Typ)
Isat: 5.2~11.5 A(Typ)
MHCI04020 Inductance: 1.0~4.7uH
Irms: 2.2~12 A(Typ)
Isat: 3.0~25 A(Typ) MHC05015
Inductance: 0.68~10uH
Irms: 1.5~6.8 A(Typ)
Isat: 2.0~10 A(Typ)
MHCI05020 Inductance: 1.0~10uH
Irms: 2.3~6.0 A(Typ)
Isat: 4.0~7.0 A(Typ)
MHCI05030 Inductance: 0.68~3.3uH
Irms: 4.5~8.0 A(Typ)
Isat: 7.0~14 A(Typ)MHCI06012
Inductance: 0.47~6.8uH
Irms: 2.1~8.0 A(Typ)
Isat: 3.0~9.0 A(Typ)
MHCI06015 Inductance: 1.0~3.3uH
Irms: 3.3~9.0 A(Typ)
Isat: 5.5~10 A(Typ)
MHCI06018 Inductance: 1.0~6.8uH
Irms: 2.8~7.0 A(Typ)
Isat: 5.5~10.0A(Typ)
MHCI06018 Inductance: 1.0~6.8uH
Irms: 2.8~7.0 A(Typ)
Isat: 3.5~12.0 A(Typ)
MHCI06024 Inductance: 1.0~6.8uH
Irms: 3.5~9.0 A(Typ)
Isat: 4.0~16.0 A(Typ)
MHCI06030 Inductance: 0.10~6.8uH
Irms: 4.5~37 A(Typ)
Isat: 8~45 A(Typ)
MHCC06030 Inductance: 8.2~22uH
Irms: 3.0~4.5 A(Typ)
Isat: 3.2~6.0 A(Typ)
MHCC10040 Inductance: 0.22~10uH
Irms: 7.2~35 A(Typ)
Isat: 8.0~45 A(Typ)
MHCI10040 Inductance: 4.7uH
Irms: 10 A(Typ)
Isat: 13 A(Typ)
MHCI12050 Inductance: 0.47~1.0uH
Irms: 29~37 A(Typ)
Isat: 37~46 A(Typ)

Sample Information

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100 PCS
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