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Multilayer Ferrite Chip Inductors

multilayer ceramic chip inductors

  • Model No: CL SERIES
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Applications: Personal computers, HDDs, or other various electronic appliances.
 Any general circuit of portable equipment in which compact size and high mounting densities are required.

Specification :

CL100505 Inductance: 0.01~2.2uH
RDC: 0.45~1.4Ω(Max)
IDC: 10~50mA(Max)
CL160808 Inductance: 0.01~33uH
RDC: 0.2~2.2Ω(Max)
IDC: 1~50mA(Max)
CL201209 Inductance: 0.022~2.2uH
RDC: 0.2~0.65Ω(Max)
IDC: 30~300mA(Max) CL201212
Inductance: 2.7~27uH
RDC: 0.75~1.25Ω(Max)
IDC: 5~30mA(Max) CL321611
Inductance: 0.047~33uH
RDC: 0.15~1.05Ω(Max)
IDC: 5~300mA(Max)

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