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Shielded Power Inductors

shielded power inductors

  • Model No: LVS Series
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

LVS series, an automatic assembly power inductor, is shielded with magnetic resin and suitable for the portable DC-DC converter application.
Applications: LCD TV, Monitor, Ap Router, STB, Smart Phone, Touch Panel, DSC, Game Console and other electronic devices.

Specification :

LVS404018 Inductance: 1.0~220uH
Irms: 0.23~2.8 A(Typ)
Isat: 0.28~4.1 A(Typ)
LVS505020 Inductance: 1.0~22uH
Irms: 1.0~4.1 A(Typ)
Isat: 1.0~4.0 A(Typ)
LVS505040 Inductance: 1.5~47uH
Irms: 0.9~4.4 A(Typ)
Isat: 1.2~7.1 A(Typ)
LVS606020 Inductance: 0.9~22uH
Irms: 1.1~4.2A(Typ)
Isat: 1.1~6.3 A(Typ)
LVS606028 Inductance: 1.0~100uH
Irms: 0.8~5.2 A(Typ)
Isat: 0.82~7.6 A(Typ)
LVS606045 Inductance: 1.0~100uH
Irms: 0.8~6.5 A(Typ)
Isat: 1.3~12.2 A(Typ)
LVS606045L Inductance: 2.2~22uH
Irms: 2.0~5.5 A(Typ)
Isat: 2.1~6.8 A(Typ)
LVS808040 Inductance: 0.9~100uH
Irms: 1.10~8.05 A(Typ)
Isat: 1.4~13.8 A(Typ) LVS808040L Inductance

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