Professional manufacturer of heat-forming press machines and othe

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Company Introduction

CHANG SHING MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. founded in 1984. The mainly products were heat-forming press machines at initial period. The major products include oil seal, o-ring, industrial gasket, silicon glue pacifier, and etc.

Our company has been dedicated in the R&D of new products and modification of existing products. In 1988, we have established the essential departments to explore and develop new technologies、which includes the R&D Dept, Electrical Dept and Mechanical Process Dept, and etc. to develop the new-type hydraulic pressing machines in a wide variety、such as: the hydraulic curving-wood forming machine、hydraulic precise-punching machine、hydraulic cutting machine、heat-press forming machine、vacuum heat-press forming machine、environmental-recycling packing machine、metal-recycling packing machine and vertical type packing machine、etc.

The component were made by ourself up to 80%. We own high-speed lathe, combined vertical and horizontal of millers, vertical-type cantilever drilling machines and etc. Each of the process machines has been equipped with SONY optics ruler. Let the component to achieve normalization and standardization.

We pursue superior quality and make friendly interaction to our clients. And we adopt internationally certified components to enhance client's confidence and satisfaction. We run business with sincerity and diligence、to make today and tomorrow better than yesterday as well as have innovative R&D. All of these specified are our major and primary purposes to establish this company.

To face the increasingly competitive enviroment, Chang Shing machinery devote to the development of what customer needs, lower power consumption, minimum maintenance cost, the pursue higher yields, and the highest quality machinery. Service quality is our point, whether at internal or overseas, we are able to send technicians to the scene in the shortest time and provide professional advice or experience to offer customers the best service.

Main Products

CHANG SHING MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. provides recycling packing machines, baling press machinery, waste-metal compressed machineries, conveyor belts ( beltings), granulators, hydraulic deburring ( cutting) machines, hydraulic curving-wood forming machine, hydraulic precise-punching machine, recycling baling press machine, vacuum heat-forming press machines, environmental-recycling packing machine, metal-recycling packing machines, vertical type packing machines.