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Company Information

Company Introduction :

In nowadays daily life, plastic products are everywhere. However, our company is a professional manufacturer of plastic extrusion mold. Since 1984, our company has been in the industry for 26 years. Our company grows stably by having detailed design, precise machinery processing, sophisticated manufacturing technology, strict selection of the mold steel, high-quality technical guidance, and well maintenance services to create a beautiful and practical extrusion products.

At the moment, our company exported molds to various countries around the world, such as U.S., Japan, China, Tunisia, Singapore, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asian countries, and etc.

Company covers a total area of 3,500 square meters. Under leading by the chairman of the board, the whole company management team has 33 employees in total from professional design to manufacturing technicians.

Main Products :

a variety of plastic die extrusion- molds ( moulds, molding, moulding) development and manufacturing, profiled material, pipes material, pvc corrugated sheets/ doors, pvc transparent sheeting, pvc foam profiled materials/ door, pvc wood plastic composite, pvc medical pipes, pvc multi-layer packaging yarn, pvc double color extrusions profiles, pe wood plastic, pp wood plastic, ps profiled shaped ( shaping, shapes) extrusion, tpu/ tpr/ pe/ pp all kinds of profiled materials, cpvc/ upvc all kinds of tubes ( tubing, piping) materials, custom ( customized) extruded die design, co-extrusion ( coextrusion, co extrusion) dies industries llc company ( companies), extrusion die heads.

Other Information :