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T8+ LED Tubes


  • Model No: CPS-RG3-22W-12/17/18
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1、LED tube is made of super bright white LED as light source , PC and aluminum alloy, features in innovative design and superior heat dissipation . Suitable for office, factories, shopping mall , home and other indoor lighting.
2、LED tube is the same as traditional fluorescent tube in size :600mm,900mm,1200mm, 1500mm. Its power is 8W,12W,16W,22W respectively. For traditional fluorescent tube, 600mm tube power is 20W by tube itself, when working along with inductive ballast, its actual power consumption up to 26~28W. 1200mm fluorescent tube power is 40W by itself, and will come up to 46~48W when working with inductive ballast. 1500mm fluorescent tube power is 58W, up to 64~66W when with inductive ballast.
3、8W LED tube is more brighter than traditional 20W fluorescent lamp and 16W tube light is more brighter than traditional 40W fluorescent lamp. With soft and comfortable light ,LED tube is more acceptable. The lifespan can come up to 40,000 hours. No starter needed , fast start , low power ,no flash,less visual fatigue .
LED tube is of not only strong energy saving but also environmental protection .It is one of the key developing products of national green energy saving lighting projects,and also the main replacement for traditional fluorescent tube.
4、LED tube can save energy up to 60%, and lifespan is 10 times of the traditional fluorescent lamp. It is almost maintenance free, unnecessary to replace lamp, ballast and starter frequently. Savings after about half a year is equal to tube cost. Green semiconductor light source,softly light and pure spectrum are benefit to staff eyes protection and health. 6500K cool white light bring cool feeling to people and help them to concentrate and improve efficiency.

Specification :

Taking the up-to-date constant current circuit topology. The constant current precision up to within ±3%, high efficiency, low harmo-
nic, high power factor, etc. It can be used globally with wide range working voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz . Adopting  interior consta-
nt current , convenient for installation . With the plastic  end cover, with screw fixing, convenient for  maintenance if any.

Technical data:

Length:1498mm(not include pin);

360 SMD3528;


luminous flux:1800lm(6000K);


Power factor≥0.95

Lighting effect:95lm/w;

Color rendering:≥75;


Design lifespan:>40000hrs;

Working temperature:-25~45℃ 

inner box:φ38x1532mm


1,instruction:12:two-side power supply;17: one side power supply,other side end of electrical vacant;18: one side power supply,other side end shorted;
2,The above table rating power &optical parameters are only our company normal parameters. The specific power and optical para-
meters can be customized according to customer demand.

Sample Information

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10 pcs
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7 day(s)


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