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Step Type Gantry Machining Center


  • Model No: GMC-2216/GMC-2716/GMC-3216
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

The main structures of the machine castings, including the Machine Base, Table Column, Crossbeam Saddle and Head Stock are designed from 3D graphics, together with structural analysis software to obtain the optimum way to deploy ribs inside the casting, increasing the rigidity as well as the durability of the machine, Also, all components are subjected to annealing, which dispets any internal stress and prevents deformation. This provides uniform rigidity throughout the machine with excellent resistance against warp age and torsional stress.

Cross beam: Depends on the machining capacity, there are Slant type and Step type designs on the Crossbeam, both have a square ribbed structure to ensure the rigidity, and to reduce any structure deformation
Working Table:Square Ribs design strengthens the table load capacity.
Head Stock: Box structure embraces the entire Spindle Quill completely. The internal design is also square ribbed, reducing the mass of the Head Stock, and still maintaining optimum cutting rigidity.
Column: Oversized Column guarantees structure rigidity and machining stability. (Column acreage is 1000*500mm when X-axis travel over 3200mm)
Machine Base disperses heavy loads via “V” type Ribbing structural design to ensure the rigidity, and to reduce any structure deformation.
Wide distance between columns, we provide two slide ways or four sideways structure to reduce the friction coefficient and increase the servo response. Therefore, powerful cutting performance and high positioning accuracy can be secured at the same time.

*Four guide-way base: (width: 3200mm):
Wide distance between columns normally accommodates large and heavy workpieces, and therefore requires four guide-ways to support the entire moving range, so as to prevent mechanical deformation.

*Two guide-way base:(width2100mm/2500mm/2800mm)

The hardness of the square guide-way is HRC50º, with Turcite B on the surface to reduce friction resistance and increase loading capacity.
By using a 60ºangular contract ball bearing for Ball screw bearing, obtained high quality, heavy duty cutting performance.
Ball screws are all pretensioned to eliminate thermo deformation, ensuring high positioning accuracy.
Automatic lubrication system - Oil lubrication system can automatically measure and provide oil accurately to the oil distributor, precision ball screw and side set and slide.
Z axis movement is counter-balanced by twin hydraulic cylinders. This design assures the dynamic stability on Ball Screws and spindle, maintaining high repeatability accuracy. Furthermore, a pressure reservoir tank is added to increase the Z axis cutting performance during micro moving conditions.

2-step gear box spindle head:
Provides high torque output during low speed for heavy duty cutting; and high power output for good finish surface cutting demands .A constant lubrication system controls the temperature of the gearbox, maintaining performance of various cutting conditions.

Specification :

Distance from spindle nose to tablemm150 ~ 950
Distance between columnmm1700(L:2100)
Work tableWork table size (L*W)mm2000X14002500X14003000X1400
T-slot (Size*Number*Pitch)mm22x7x180 table loadkg600070008000
SpindleSpindle motor (continuous/30 Min rate)kw/hp18.5/22
Spindle speed (2-Speed Gear Type)rpm6000
Spindle speed (Pully)rpm(8000/10000-OPT)
Spindle taper BT-50 (ISO-50)
FeedRapid traverse (X.Y.Z)axism/minX:12 Y/Z:15
Cutting feedrate (X.Y.Z)axismm/min1~7000
ATCATC capacitypcs32/(40-OPT)
Max.tool lengthmm350
Max.tool weightkg20
Max.tool dia.-(Full tools)mmØ125
Max.tool dia.-(W/O Adjacent tool)mmØ200
Accuracy (X.Y.Z)Positioning Accuracymm±0.005/300;±0.015/Full travel
GeneralPneumatic supplykg/cm26.5
Max.floor space (L*W*H)mm7600x4600x42008600x4600x42009600x4600x4200
Machine weight (approximate)kg290003200035000

All specifications,design and characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.

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